Budget Trips: Most Affordable Places to Travel

Thinking of taking an affordable vacation? Well, you are in the right place. Everyone has a list of travel destinations that they would wish to hit before the end of the year. You may end up breaking all your accounts in order to fulfill the dream.

However, the article has the best solution for you. There is no need to flush all your cash from the bank in order to achieve your dreams. We do understand you love to travel but you are not a millionaire.

Here is a list of the best and affordable places to explore around the world. These places include:


The country has remained the most popular destination to travel to in the world. The country is the home of idyllic islands, adventures galore and several white beaches. The accommodation prices are quite affordable and the hotels are packed with some awesome meals that are very delicious.

The culture of the locals are quite superb and the people in different communities are friendly. The means of transports are readily available and in case you are a budgeted traveler then you can opt for one that suits you.

Some of the most affordable island to visit while in Thailand include Ko Chang, Similan Islands, Ko Samui, Ko Nom Sao and among many others. Everything in these islands is quite cheap and they have several historical sites that can create a memorable experience in life.

South Africa

Ever thought of budget-breaking bill? Well, visiting South Africa will help to avoid such situations since you are likely to encounter some of the best and affordable safari experience.

Wondering if you can see the big five? Yes. Hluhluwe-Imfolozi is the home of the white rhinos and in case you love hiking then explore the Drakensberg. These two places can result in an unforgettable experience for you and even your family.

The real taste of South Africa is based in Cape Town. It is an amazing city and everyone dreams of exploring it. It has major historical sites and monuments for the Zulu communities.


A lot of western visitors are flocking into the country in recent days despite the decades of wars with Americans. It is the best place to explore as a budgeted family or couples since it has remarkable rates.

The country has become the major tourist attraction center due to the blissful beaches, amazing waterways, limestone karsts, and Mekong Delta paddy field.

There are plenty of foods and several eating joints that are quite affordable. The cities around the country have plenty of hotels that are too cheap in case you are looking for accommodation.


It is amazing to found yourself in the heart of Guatemala. The country is packed with everything you need as a tourist. It has some of the most appealing mixtures of natural beauty, colonial legacies, and Maya tradition.

The prices of foods, accommodation, and transport are quite low hence it has made the country to be the best destination for you to study Spanish.

There are several monuments of Maya temples that can make your travel experienced to be wowed and don’t forget about the chicken buses.

Istanbul, Turkey

Wow! This is a city that is quite alluring to explore since you are in between Europe and Asia. The city is quite affordable to those tighter budgets travelers.

These travelers who love and are hungry to travel then this is the place to go to since there are major sites to explore. You can rock your evening by visiting some of the local joints for drinking and eating.

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is another city to get your head in even though it has the highest population in China. There are a lot of awesome street foods that are quite affordable regardless of having a limited budget.

You can explore some of the streets of the city by foot and in the process, you can be able to explore some of the old and new faces of China. Getting accommodation at bargains is still available thus no need to get worried.


It usually stands out for those hungry travelers in terms of affordability. The general appearance of the country is captivating especially parts like Luang Prabang to riverside Nong Khiaw.

There are several bungalows that offer accommodations along the river and the area usually provide the best viewpoints for the traveling boats. The terrain of the regions are quite amazing and they are good for hiking.